Peregrine Creative

Meet Janelle


I graduated (in 2009) from Pratt Institute, in New York City, with a degree in graphic design. I knew this was what I loved, but I was pretty fuzzy on the details. It was afterward that I realized that what I enjoyed most was working with people one-on-one; hearing someone's hopes for their project & then tweaking, shaping, and cajoling those ideas into concrete realities. Since then I've been blessed to work with a slew of start-ups, companies, NGOs, artists, fellow creatives, & altar-bound couples, doing just that; freelancing my heart out & loving every minute of it.



And life around Interabang Creative is much the same. I tend to see the world as paradoxical, intricate, ever-shifting, & astoundingly inspiring. I see design much the same way. I start every new project with a big pot of black tea, a B4 pencil, & a blank piece of paper. I sketch. I look at a lot of images. I ask you a lot of questions. I come up with a whole load of half-baked ideas, until I hit on solid ones. Then together, we refine. We tweak & adjust & nitpick. I keep working until you’re left with something you truly love.

If that sounds good to you, then we might just be a great fit.