Peregrine Creative


Direct yet conceptual. Provocative and engaging. Design & illustration for brands, publications, and people.


I am a designer. I am an artist, a tinkerer, a doodler, a lover of cross-word puzzles, and a chronic daydreamer. I talk with my hands, get overly excited about hand-drawn lettering, and am forever collecting passport stamps and bottles of bourbon. I believe in being a jack-of-all-trades designer who consistently continues learning and elevating their craft.

My name is Janelle, and I am passionate about visual storytelling.

In 2009 I graduated from Pratt Institute's Communication Design program.  As soon as the cap was in the air, I knew that I wanted to focus on creating branding for companies and non-profits just beginning to define their visual identities, but I was pretty fuzzy on the details. It was afterward that I realized that what I enjoyed most was working with clients directly; hearing someone's hopes for their project & then tweaking, shaping, and cajoling those ideas into concrete realities. Since then I've been blessed to work with a slew of start-ups, companies, NGOs, artists, fellow creatives, & altar-bound couples, doing just that; freelancing my heart out & loving every minute of it. When I'm not working on branding projects, you'll find me developing Kilometer 66, a social enterprise which partners with global artisans, non-profits, and weaving cooperatives to create beautiful and ethical goods. 

My design philosophy is hands on and full service. I believe that when you're creating a new project, the nitty gritty of pixels and print specs should be the last thing on your mind. It's my job to really hear the heart of what your project is about, and then jump in and give it legs. I start every new project with a big pot of black coffee, a B4 pencil, & a blank piece of paper. I sketch. I look at a lot of images. I ask you a lot of questions. I come up with a whole load of half-baked ideas until I hit on solid ones. Then together, we refine. We tweak & adjust & nitpick, and I keep working until you’re left with something you truly love.

If that sounds good to you, then we might just be a great fit.