Peregrine Creative



The Process


Phase I  //  Preparing



//  You begin the process by sending in an inquiry form, telling me about your project.

//  We set up Skype or phone call to talk about what you have in mind.

//  I'll then send you detailed quote and timeline, as well as a contract of service.

//  If all of that looks good to you, digitally sign and return the contract of service, submit a 50% deposit, and we'll be off to the races!

//  Next up, I'll send a more detailed branding questionnaire to make sure I've gotten a full sense of what you're looking for, an outline of your responsibilities in terms of delivering content etc., a timeline and delivery schedule so you can follow along, and calendar reminders for deadlines, so we can both keep track of our progress.



Phase II  //  creating


//  Now we're off! I'll put my head down and work out my ideas for your brand. Before we get to specific logos, I'll send you three possible visual directions, complete with mood boards and color palettes to give you a general idea of the proposed look and feel. This way we can both make sure that I've gotten the essence of the brand correctly, and we can be on the same page moving forward. In my experience, this is the most vital piece of the branding process, and the most helpful for streamlining the editing process moving forward. Once you've settled on the direction you like, we'll move on to logo design.

//  I'll send you three logo options, each inspired by your chosen look and feel. You'll choose your preferred direction, and make any notes about changes or edits you’d like to see. 

//  We'll go back and forth, up to three rounds of tweaking the brand elements to get it exactly right, and leave you with something you totally love.

//  Once you confirm the final design, I’ll package up the finished files for you, and create a brand guidelines document for you to keep on hand with the details of the brand elements.

//  If you’ve chosen a print package, I’ll now get to work creating your print elements and any extras to round out your branding materials. 

//  Once everything has gotten your stamp of approval I’ll request the second half of the payment, and create a sharing link for you on Dropbox complete with all of the project files. If we’re doing a web design together as well we’ll move on to Phase Three, or if not, we’ll toast to a job well done! 




Phase III  //  Building


//  Now that we have a solid brand identity under our belt, it’s time to give it a home in the world. We’ll begin with a second Skype consultation, this time to hear all that you want and need in a website, and hash out the specifics of structure and assets.

//  Based on this conversation, I’ll create a sitemap (page framework) and a wireframe (blueprint sketch) of all of the features we're building in so that you can see exactly how your site will be laid out, as well as a mockup of my proposed homepage design and one interior page for your review. If you have any revisions, we’ll tweak them here. 

//  Once the overall look and feel has been approved and you’ve submitted any needed copy or design assets, we’ll move on to construction! I’ll build out the site on a private domain, where you’ll be able to make any visual or content edits needed before releasing them to the public. We’ll keep polishing until you’re completely happy with the final product, and ready to send it out into the world. 

//  If you’ve chosen to add in social media branding to complete your digital footprint, we’ll dot all of the i’s and cross the t’s now so that you can launch your complete brand all together. 

//  Once we’re completely satisfied with the finished site, I’ll ask for the remaining payment, I’ll link the site to your chosen domain hosting, and we’ll flip the switch and make the site live! 

//  Voila! You’ve been branded! 




Now that you know how the process works, take a look at my packages and services to see which one best fits your needs. If you’re ready to talk further, fill out a project inquiry, and we can get going. I can't wait to hear from you!