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let me build you a custom shaklee retail site!


Hit the ground running with a fully developed website!

I'm so excited to partner with Shaklee business builders to help you create custom, beautiful retail sales websites to work directly with retail customers. They'll be able to purchase retail products directly from the site in a clean and professional store, and you'll be automatically notified and able to fulfill orders straight with Shaklee.

Your website will include:

  • Completely customizable title, URL, logo, and images so that your site can be completely branded for your unique builder group, and tell your personal story.
  • A beautiful, engaging home page to encourage potential customers to dive into the site and learn more about the company. 
  • Two About pages to give customers a full look at the history of Shaklee as a company, including video content, and a personal biography page to share more about who you are.
  • Three robust store pages displaying three product categories; Healthy Home cleaning products, Youth skincare, and the 5x5 Reset. These are fully integrated e-commerce pages so that someone can read all about the product lines, watch a custom video of you introducing the products, and be able to buy them directly on the site in a secure check out process which is professional and safe for the customer. 
  • A completely customizable behind-the-scenes infrastructure allowing you to customize and edit any aspect of the site, as well as track orders and receive payments in real time.  
  • A free custom URL and custom email address through Gmail G-suite for your business.

interested? I have two choices for you...


Ready to dive in? I've created a step-by-step tutorial to walk you through everything you need to design your site. This process is simple, easy to follow, completely customizable for your business & brand, & really quick. In just a couple of hours you can have a fully functioning site! 


Need a little more help? I'll build the whole thing for you! Just give me some details about your company & your unique text and photos, and I'll build you a complete site exactly like my sample site, ready for you in just a few days. We'll link your payment information, & you'll be up and running!